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Rock and Roll Call by Bill Locey

‘All In The Blues’ is the latest from Willie Jackson, out since last summer and he did it himself. This one kicks off with yet another song about those eternal antagonists – the owners and the renters – the song is ‘I’m Your Landlord’ and it compares favorably with John Lee Hooker’s ‘House Rent Blues’ and Paul Thorn’s ‘Burn Down The Trailerpark’. Jackson as the landlord is seeking a barter system with his female renter to unknown results. This much is clearly known: Jackson is a kick-ass bluesman with a perfect bluesy voice, who has written clever lyrics and features a band tighter than your boss; especially guitarist Eric Winbush who shreds appropriately when called upon. Jackson is out of Georgia, where it is entirely too hot in the summer (expect for the crept myrtles) – a state that needs to vote out shady governer Brian Kemp, who is forcing Stacey Abrams to beat him twice, and they also need to retain Senator Warnock, and then indict and hopefully imprison Orange Twitler for trying in plain sight to overturn a free and fair election. Anyway, Jackson has a bunch of serious blues songs, not to mention seriously funny blues songs such as ‘The Old Man Luv’ striking a blow for geezer rights and why ladies need an old boyfriend. And why not? There is no we-have-to-talk scenario on the horizon because he won’t go to the bar because he’s barely alive. Then there’s ‘She Need Satisfied’, wherein Jackson has a heart-to-heart with his doctor demanding that little blue pill in order to prolong the joy rather than guarantee the agony as he’s dreading being the weak link in a pending thereesome. Solid throughout – this is on the best albums of the year. (12/20/21).